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Widmer validating machines

Read More Initiate better Document Control with our Automatic Time Date Stamps.

Each Reiner Jet Stamp includes the PC-Set configuration software, for user customized stamp imprints, of 1-line or 2-lines, all in a handheld completely mobile unit..There has also been a focus on Aerospace applications, with the Centre working with organisations such as Airbus and Goodrich.James is also Director for the Advanced Propulsion Centres Electric Machines Spoke, also based at Newcastle University; the spoke was established in late 2015 in recognition of the success of the Centre's research into automotive traction motor development.For Date Stamp only applications choose the Widmer D3 Date Stamp.The Widmer 776 or 776-LED (digital display) is built like a tank compared to other time stamps...

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The Amano NS5100 Electronic Time Date Number Stamp offers reliable operation with the convienance of automatically advancing the Year, Month and Date, a feature not found in mechanical time date stamps.

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