White lies online dating

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White lies online dating

If instead you want to let your child take the lead, you can simply direct the question back to them, allowing your child to come up with explanations for themselves: 'I don't know, how do you think the sleigh flies?'Finally, if you think it's time to usher your child into the common adult understanding of Santa as a beloved fantasy figure, you can provide different, disconfirming evidence and explanations.Christmas is a magical time of year, especially for children.Unfortunately, between elaborate Elf on the Shelf staging and fending off questions about Santa, parents are often left wondering how much of the magic depends on them.He also flies with the help of reindeer, visits all the world's children in a single night and knows if you've been naughty or nice.With age, a child's thinking develops to the point where they start to notice Santa does magical things that physical objects can't.If you choose to extend your child's belief in Santa, and your child realizes you have deceived them, how will they respond? In a study examining children's reaction to discovering the truth about Santa, parents generally took the transition much harder than their children, who actually felt quite positive about the discovery. Santa is one of countless things children learn through the testimony of others.Because we rely on others for so much of what we know, humans are surprisingly well-equipped for the task.

While many children learn these beliefs at home, the cultural support for Santa is so strong that children in households that don't actively endorse the myth still sometimes believe.Specifically, many parents worry about whether they should encourage their children's belief in the physical reality of Santa, about the potential impact of lying to them and what to do when their children realize they've been duped. In fact, the best approach involves supporting your kids while they figure it out on their own. As a developmental scientist, I spend most of my time researching children's trust.I'm interested in how trust develops and what happens when it's broken.My Santa myth was busted shortly after the discovery of Santa's gift tags in my mother's robe pocket.Regardless of which strategy you choose, it is inevitable that eventually the evidence against Santa will become overwhelming and the belief will become unsustainable.

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They evaluate both the source and content of the information they have received in light of their existing knowledge and their memory of past interactions with the source.

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