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But it got so (many) hints of paprika and red peppers, so it’s very Spanish, in a way.” “It’s the way cuisines (and) different cultural influences have come in, and (used them to create an) all-new cuisine. Lee shared her sentiment, saying he really treasured “the cultural aspect” of Filipino cuisine.

“They (Filipinos) haven’t forgotten (this) mix of cultures, and they recreated and turn (these) into Filipino cuisine, and I find that really fascinating,” he said.

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Master Chef Asia is shown on the Lifetime channel (Sky Cable channel 65, Dream Satellite TV channel 28, Destiny Cable channel 44, Cignal Digital TV channel 63 and Cablelink channel 223) every Thursday at 9 p.m. Serversy Dataz Centrey Telecomy Critical network devicesy Sensitive electronic e[uipment. SANTAK C1K Read more about winpower, voltage, overload, capacity, bypass and beeps. He now lives in Singapore with his wife and runs a top-tier culinary consulting firm.‘Judging’ Filipino food In an exclusive post-conference interview, Lee, Ménard and Morrice were asked to “judge” Filipino food—some of which they had sampled the day before—and share their impressions of it.

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