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They’re very popular with Visual Studio users, and this extension makes it possible to use your favorite VS keyboard shortcuts in VS Code.Key Features: Maintain a consistent coding style with this Visual Studio code extension.You can easily paste your code straight into the Edit HTML window.However, once you save, Share Point lets you know that the code that it does not approve of has been stripped.When it doubt, check back into the HTML source to see what has happened with your code and if it is still 100% intact.

The content should immediately display in the CEWP on the page.This is great for quick fixes when content has gotten out of hand.In older versions of Share Point, you could also use it to embed extra code.Key Features: JSHint is a great tool to quickly spot errors with your Java Script code. NET Core with this extension, powered by Omni Sharp.If you’re used to JSHint, you’ll also want to use it in Visual Studio Code, and this extension makes it simple and easy. It even debugs your code and supports a variety of operating systems.

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A Visual Studio code extension that automatically finds parses and provides you with code actions and code completions for every import you have, Auto Import works with Type Script and TSX.

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