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When 1,000 stories have been received, written by 1,000 different authors, an anthology will be published. He passes his neighbour, Greig, who is shaking a lamp post while howling. Time for tonight's emotions purge to end." Story 087 by John Alty I'd only gone in to buy a loaf. New girl was cutting the strings on the packs of newspapers and stacking them. " "Umm, I'll be a bit late today." "Are you sure you don't want it again like last night? it will be difficult today." "You have started enjoying it, haven't you? " "You'll know tonight." "I have to take care of some work... I steam my hands, swear at the wall with snails in my mouth, ring 999 and simply moan. Not cold and clinical like the first, warm and inviting. Story 127 by Brenda Brittan Adrenalin high, he waited under the Ceremonial Entrance Arch, the hot Mediterranean sun reflecting on his breastplate. Their enthusiasm reverberating through the soles of his feet. It will attempt to set a World Record for the most contributing authors published in an anthology. I decided to attempt this after being contacted by Allen Stroud. Allen pointed out that we've already published an anthology with 100 contributing authors via the Nonsense Challenge, so could already have set a new world record. They accepted my application, but we have not broken the record for 2 reasons: So, in November 2017, I applied to Guinness World Records to set up a brand new record for the 'most authors contributing to an anthology of flash fiction stories'. Mr and Mrs Brentwood are chasing each other with water guns and old Mr Daniels is skipping around in a flower dress singing 'Hey Jude'. The street Tannoy booms with the voice of the Purge Starter. I'd asked her if she was OK, friendly like, and she'd plunged scissors into my groin. piled up for so long." "Tonight it is then." She grabs her duffel bag for her first kickboxing class. Harland There were three of us in the marriage, me, John and the cat. I run a marathon through the night then punch my biceps and quadriceps, fart loudly in a librarian's face and order four annual holidays to Tunisia under the name Skywalker. " "I do like your moustache." Story 095 by Jon Drake He left his phone behind again. The arrogance of youth means many sarcastic remarks about my age and ignorance and yet no awareness or possessiveness over his technological umbilical cord - his window on the world of everything and on daily dating. He flexed his muscles punching the air with a triumphant fist The men envied his taut muscular body, the women swooned. Thanks for your time, Chris I should hear back from Guinness sometime in February. If we can tweak the application so it’s successful, I hope that having 1,000 contributing authors in the 81 word anthology will make the sales target doable. So 81 words was born." I first became aware of 81words when Adam contacted me in January 2015 asking if his website could be added to my lists of short story and flash fiction competitions. I'd decided to investigate including some advice about flash fiction in the book after liaising with authors that said they struggle to find the time to write due to long working hours. This is exactly why you don't give drunk girls a microphone and a captive audience. I want to replace sorrow and sadness with fun and laughter. Was there something living beyond the smoke stacks?

Guinness World Records will not monitor, measure or verify this activity. Still, I have contacted them again for further clarification, to see if they can give more information about why the record was rejected and if anything can be changed to make it acceptable. Thanks for letting me know my record application (171122151758mact) was rejected. I am happy to make amendments so it acceptable to you. Covered by umbrella and double bagged in cagoules we stand. So far as I can see, the record is measurable by a single superlative (professionally presented book released by an established publisher), verifiable (physical book containing details of all contributors, plus verification by publishing professionals), standardisable (flash fiction - same as short story record, but less than 1,000 words), breakable (get a higher number of contributing authors) and also present an element of skill (flash fiction writing). Any guidance you can give as to which criteria I'm not meeting and why would be very much appreciated. This meant he didn't have time to give 81words the attention it needed. There were 2 options of how to proceed: A few users from my email list expressed an interest in getting involved with helping me run the wesite, which was very much appreciated. If the traffic levels were high enough, I planned to monetise the site using Google Ad Sense, so the ongoing running-costs (d0main, hosting, updates etc.) were covered. " "The Common Toad." "Not so much of the common." "How unexpected. " "Just a woman with a Shih Tzu." "Bless you." "Have we met before? Struggling over a stile, she finds him collapsed on the verge, frothy, blue-tinged lips gasping. "You go on ahead, dear, I'll catch up later." Story 125 by Linn Kier Alice said, "I want to change my name." He said, "But I like the name Alice. While Adam didn't have time to run 81words, he thought it would be a shame if it just disappeared as it had a lot of active users. That would mean users could carry on enjoying the site for free. And in First Class." "My motor vehicle is unfortunately incommoded." "This seat free? It makes me think of my great grandmother who used to sing a song called 'Alice Blue Gown' to me when I was four, maybe five. Not after the smashed plates and thrown pans when Cousin Pete skipped to attend a ball game.

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