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Middlesex chronicle online

"The Danish host rode across Mercia into East Anglia and took winter quarters in Thetford and in the same year King Edmund fought against them and the Danes had the victory.And they slew the king and overran the entire kingdom".Quick links on this page Death of King Edmund 869 Partition- England/Danelaw 878 Saint moved to Bed'sworth 906 Mercia broken into Shires 920 Bury given to the monks 945 Abbo's Life of St Edmund 985 Battle of Maldon 991 Danes cause saint's move 1010 King Canute takes over 1016 Benedictines come to Bury 1020 Round stone church built 1032 W Suffolk given to Abbey 1044 Baldwin comes to Bury 1060 Foot of Page 1066 Modern historians refer to the 200 year period after 865 as The Late Anglo-Saxon time.This is because the year 865 heralded disaster for Anglo-Saxon England."An immense slaughter was made of the Northumbrians there".From York the Great Army of the Danes marched back into East Anglia, but this time they attacked Thetford.Other monasteries assumed to have been destroyed around this time include Beodericsworth at Bury St Edmunds, Ely and Soham.Iken, Brandon and Burrow Hill were deserted, and may well have already been destroyed in the earliest attacks.

This he refused to do and was shot with arrows and his head was cut off and thrown away.

Within a generation Edmund would become accepted as a Christian saint.

After the foundation of his abbey at Bury St Edmunds, for some five centuries Edmund was to become not only the patron-saint of East Anglia but also the patron-saint of all England.

Rather than return home with Edmund's payoff, as they had done in the past, the Danes stayed put and would proceed to move against other parts of Britain.

Having spent 865/866 in East Anglia, the viking force marched north from East Anglia, took York and thus conquered Northumbria. The brilliant cultural life of the north, the schools, libraries, churches and minsters were all destroyed.

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