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Free uk sex chat live no payment needed

as i said this was in april of last year ad the social worker decided to spring a surprise visit in the july.

one of my neighbours had to show her where i live as she was knocking at the old house. i think i have manged to speak to her twice since then.

after about 4 weeks the social worker turned up and said that after speaking with her manager they could replace the machine with a reconditioned one, for which i was very grateful.

everything else my niece has needed i have provided myself.

I dont really have any experience or anything useful to help you but didnt want to read and run.i've hardly seen the social worker since court ended and as for any support, well it would be easier getting an audience with the Queen!!!I have never made any demands on social services in respect of my niece other than to ask for somehelp towards the cost of a washing machine as the one i had broke, and even then i felt like i was asking for gold.i moved house in april of last year as my previous home was too small for 3 children (something the social worker had brought up) i asked could they possibly help with half of the deposit and was refused, i eventually managed to get a loan to cover it.i informed social worker of my new address (it is across road from old house).

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