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I know I bitch and moan about my 60yr old spouse and our virtually sexless marriage quite a bit, even telling some of his dirty little secrets from time to time. I've had a decent amount of boyfriends over the last 3 1/2 years, that have taken up the slack for what he wasn't giving me at home. As I've mentioned before, he has been well aware of my "needy" sexual appetite since he met me.I really believe I will never be able to find a perfect match for me and my various needs.So I think you’re stuck just averting your eyes as much as possible.

If you are bored married woman looking for married flirt or man just looking for married woman for discreet affair, really want to add spice to your relationships or married and still lonely seeking for married dating - this site for you. My wife has lost interest in sex and I found Marrird-Flirting. (OK I know you all heard the ramblings of the unsatisfied husband) But really? I knew it was to soon happen, meet a wonderful lady who loves to flirt. is messy, expensive and damages the kids and participants; more than an affair does. Dealing with lawyers and the courts is irritating, traumatic and intrusive. A marriage with problems may be better than a divorced couple. ................................................................... So now i've come to a cross roads and i'm thinking it's time to move on.

I have a coworker (different department) who I rarely see, but EVERY time I see her, she isn’t wearing a bra.

Not only that, but her shirts are typically clingy knits that show EVERYTHING. I find it pretty gross and inappropriate, and I have a hard time taking her seriously.

I work at a busy nonprofit with about 30 staff members on site.

I don’t see everyone each day; I’m in a pretty small department.

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At any time we could have a tour come in from a large foundation or other grantee. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can do anything about this.

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