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In New York State, AARP has helped to enact laws that: allow relative caregivers to make important decisions regarding a child’s health care and school enrollment; make it easier for grandparents to become foster parents, and give grandparents legal standing in certain custody proceedings.The work AARP New York does to support kin caregivers is made possible by support from the AARP Foundation through a generous grant from the New York Life Foundation.Through this grant, AARP and the New York State Kincare Coalition are able to help kin caregivers as they raise the children in their care and call attention to their often overlooked needs.Raising grandchildren can be a tremendous challenge.Grandparents and kin caregivers provide stable, loving homes for children that is often lacking in foster care, which is why it is so vital to ensure that these caregivers receive support and resources that are available to them.AARP New York is committed to helping kin caregivers, and along with helping to establish the New York State Kincare Coalition, AARP has helped to resolve some of the legal challenges faced by caregivers.

It's also important for grandparents to take good care of themselves so they can stay mentally and physically healthy enough to do the job. One way to make the task easier is to connect with other grandparents in the same situation.For these families, a little help can go a long way towards helping them raise their children in their care.What many of these caregivers do not know is that there is help available through a program called the Non-Parent Caregiver Grant.In the meantime, here are answers to your questions about finding support: How can I get other people to help me out?As you take on the task of caring for grandchildren, your friends and family will probably want to help. It's up to you to: Can I find someone to watch my grandkids?

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