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He was sent to be dealt with by the Lord Treasurer (Burghley) but no charge or imprisonment resulted.This arrest may have disrupted another of Marlowe's spying missions, perhaps by giving the resulting coinage to the Catholic cause.Marlowe was born in Canterbury to shoemaker John Marlowe and his wife Catherine.His date of birth is not known, but he was baptised on 26 February 1564, and is likely to have been born a few days before.

Marlowe had been party to a fatal quarrel involving his neighbours and the poet Thomas Watson in Norton Folgate, and was held in Newgate Prison for a fortnight.

The sequence of the writing of his other four plays is unknown; all deal with controversial themes.

Marlowe's plays were enormously successful, thanks in part, no doubt, to the imposing stage presence of Edward Alleyn.

Surviving college records from the period also indicate that Marlowe had had a series of unusually lengthy absences from the university – much longer than permitted by university regulations – that began in the academic year 1584–1585.

Surviving college buttery (provisions store) accounts indicate he began spending lavishly on food and drink during the periods he was in attendance This possibility was first raised in a TLS letter by E.

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It was performed by the Children of the Chapel, a company of boy actors, between 15.