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Founded at some point in the early Middle Ages around 1200, King Frederik II had the old medieval castle radically rebuilt and expanded around 1570. An entirely new large Renaissance palace was erected and the deer park of Skanderbrog Dyrehave was constructed nearby, amongst other undertakings.Stones from the demolished Øm Abbey west of Skanderborg were used as construction materials.In turn however, Skanderborg Castle saw a decline in popularity and attention by the royal family, and in 1767, the castle with associated gardens was sold at auction.Commoner Hans Lauritzen bought the royal property for the sum of 3004 Rigsdaler, while the castle church with furnishings and bells was granted to the town of Skanderborg.It is situated on the north and north eastern brinks of Skanderborg Lake and there are several smaller ponds and bodies of water within the city itself, like Lillesø, Sortesø, Døj Sø and the swampy boglands of Eskebæk Mose.

Skanderborg is a town in Skanderborg municipality, Denmark.

Many of the original structures survived the project and were incorporated into the new buildings, amongst these the old castle chapel.

In the 12th-16th centuries, Skanderborg Castle functioned as the traditional hunting retreat of the Danish kings.

In April 1768, the demolishing of Skanderborg Castle began and nothing remains of it today, except the old castle church.

The town of Skanderborg has a total of three churches, and Skanderborg Castle Church used to be part of the former Skanderborg Castle.

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The long gone Ring Abbey founded by Benedictine nuns in the 12th century, was once situated on the southeastern brinks of Skanderborg Lake.

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