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Over the next 12 years, Israel and Lolla lived their separate lives. and Josiah, and she expanded her education and her journey for "the one".

They kept in contact here and there over the years. In 2012, Lolla found herself single at the same time as Israel.

Israel knew he would have to get creative if he wanted her to go out with him.

One night, he asked her out again, but this time he had back up.

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I’m going to promote myself exactly as I am, with all my weak points and my strong ones.

However, after talking about it with Frank, they decided the proposal would happen in Vallejo at Grams and Manny's house.

They spent sometime getting reacquainted with each other through messages.

Israel would try to ask her out time and time again, and every time she turned him down.

This girl went from being a childhood friend to the lifelong sister I never had.

No matter where she is, or where life will take us..will ALWAYS have each other. Jenni is not just my cousin, but one of my best friends, my little sister.

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